Why Stay-at-Home Parents Should Work With Destin Divorce Attorneys

By | September 4, 2019

In increasing numbers, women are leaving the workforce to stay home with their children. Most parents take considerable time to consider the pros and cons of having someone stay home with the kids, but few consider the potential for divorce. Below are a few important facts for stay-at-home parents to know, as well as a few brief tips on handling a divorce.

A Stay-at-Home Parent is at a Serious Disadvantage During a Divorce

Because most couples divide the assets they gathered during the marriage, stay-at-home parents are at a distinct disadvantage. Most earn a minimal income, which has an effect when it’s time to depart. Often, these parents can’t access the funds to leave the marital home and find their own places to live while the divorce progresses. With help from Destin divorce attorneys, stay-at-home parents can put themselves on a more level playing field before, during, and after a divorce.

At-Home Parents Face Post-Divorce Lifestyle Changes

Today, many parents who elect to stay at home do it for very personal reasons. They value the lifestyle and the choices they make, but those choices aren’t always sustainable following a divorce. Most at-home parents are forced to return to work after their divorces, which can be quite a challenge. Many have difficulties finding work because of the long gaps in their resumes.

An At-Home Parent Needs an Aggressive Attorney

Given an at-home parent’s unique circumstances, it’s crucial that they partner with a qualified attorney who understands their situation and is ready to protect their rights. Stay-at-home parents should work with experienced lawyers who will ensure that they get the support the children need as well as a better start to the next chapter in their lives.

Divorce is a daunting prospect for any person, but it’s particularly frightening for an at-home parent who isn’t prepared to return to work or who might struggle to gain financial independence. It’s crucial for a stay-at-home parent in the state of Florida to work with a qualified lawyer who will be a guide and an advocate throughout the process. Call today to discuss case specifics with a local divorce attorney.