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By | July 17, 2019

How to Maintain Cool Temperatures in a Room When It Is Hot

Knowing how to cool down a room is a great skill to have as you await the summer season or while you are at it. The points discussed below will give you several ideas you can take advantage of to ensure a room stays cool while it is hot.

However, if one does not have blinds, they can use a dark-colored sheet or towel by tacking it over the window in order to achieve the same results. The fan blows over the ice cubes creating a cool mist which will enable you to stay cool and cools the room too, during the hot season. This is because cotton breathes better than any other material say linen, silk etc., and it is able to wick away sweat from your body and absorbs it giving your body a cooling effect all night long.

Cotton material also provides better air circulation which leads to more absorption of sweat, leaving a cooling effect to your body. Another method to keep a room cool while it is hot is by opening your windows strategically. Swapping your bulbs may not bring in such a huge difference but it helps, so is switching off lights when you are not using them especially during the day, it comes in handy when keeping a room cool.

Another way of maintaining cool temperatures in a room is by using a slow cooker or toaster oven to heat your food in small quantities instead of using a stove-top to cook. In order to keep a room cool while it is hot by using fans, merely connecting the fans to the power socket is not enough but how strategically you place them in a room matters a lot for better results. When your ceiling fan runs in a counter-clockwise direction during the summer, it is able to draw hot air up and away from your living spaces ensuring that your room remains cool even when it is hot.

As much as you would like to go through the summer without requiring the services of a handyman it can be impossible to not need the services of one when you’re A/C is not working and needs repair. A clogged air filter not only causes your A/C unit to work harder while taking up too much electricity but also does very minimal cooling work, this leads to costly and inefficient cooling of your house. By following the above guidelines you will be able to keep yourself and your room cool during the hot season and enjoy the whole summer season.

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