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By | August 16, 2019

Moving sizable items or a large quantities of product throughout a warehouse or across a production floor can be challenging. Rather than risk injury to employees or deal with a lot of complicated machinery, companies can rely on easy-to-use systems like conveyor rollers. Constructed from a series of metal cylinders that rotate through the use of ball bearings, these durable rolling systems can easily move both lightweight and heavy products from location to location without causing any unexpected damage.

Rollers That are Built to Last

Metal rollers are the most common model found in the industrial sector. This strong material is built to function efficiently for years on end without succumbing to damage due to repeated daily use or buckling under the pressure of excessive weight. Metal rollers are also operate smoothly within gravity based conveyors as well as powered systems and rarely require maintenance since most contain self-lubricating parts that keep things turning consistently. For further details, click this link to learn more about metal conveyor rollers.

Moisture is Not a Problem

Some businesses that deal with moisture in their work environment may worry about how metal rollers will hold up against rust and corrosion. Fortunately companies like Conveyor Systems & Engineering produce rollers made from nylon, PVC, and plastic, materials which withstand and resist the damaging effects of moisture. Since these materials are not as strong as metal, owners will eventually have to deal with deterioration from everyday usage unless they opt for stainless steel rollers. The only downside is that stainless steel is considerably pricier whereas the other water resistant materials cost less than their metal counterparts, yet provide the same features and functionality.

All Sizes Welcome

Sometimes companies have conveyor systems which are old enough that replacement parts are very hard to come by. Once these rollers have seen better days there is no reason to invest in an entirely new system thanks to companies like CSE. Offering custom roller construction services, these experts can build close replicas that fit seamlessly into an existing system. If this won’t work they can construct an entirely new roller that may not visibly match the others, but still works just as efficiently. The company can also redesign an older system that the customer doesn’t want to replace and tie in new parts so that the conveyor better meets the current needs at hand.