Reasons Why So Many Members of Generation Z Are Interested in Accounting and Finance Jobs in Milwaukee

By | October 27, 2019

Today’s young adults know the problems in the job market and the likelihood that graduating from college will leave them with substantial student loan debt. Many of them are focusing on completing a degree that will provide a stable career in which workers are always in demand. They also want that career to pay well. When it comes to accounting and finance jobs Milwaukee students can look forward to numerous opportunities when they graduate.

After graduation, these young men and women may want to register with an agency like Accounting Career Consultants to boost their employment opportunities. Hiring agencies often have job listings that aren’t posted elsewhere, as this allows companies to narrow their search and avoid receiving overwhelming numbers of applications.

Enjoyment of the Work and Career Stability

The reasons so many men and women in their 20s are focusing on accounting and finance center on stability and income. Of course, they believe they will enjoy the work as well. Accounting in particular appeals to people who appreciate the precision of numbers, mathematics and advanced bookkeeping techniques.

Well-Paying Positions

The job market is booming and the unemployment level is low, but a large number of open positions do not pay well. There is great demand for retail workers, restaurant wait staff and nursing assistants, for example, but workers typically earn less than $10 per hour in these jobs.

High school students and young adults decide to complete a bachelor’s degree partly for career reasons. However, choosing certain degrees, such as liberal arts programs, can leave them without the type of income and security most of them are seeking. Even people with general business majors are not finding as much success as those with a specialty like accounting.

A Variety of Possibilities

These individuals also realize that they’ll have opportunities with a variety of organizations instead of being limited to certain types. They might work for an accounting firm, but they also might find a position with a large insurance company or manufacturing plant, a government agency or a medical center. One day they might buy a tax service franchise or start their own accounting service business.