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By | July 17, 2019

Marijuana Myths

Marijuana has been legalized in 40 States across the country by July 2019. Some of the myths Marijuana will be discussed in this article as we try to debunk them and you can read more here. One of the most common myths, when people use marijuana, is that it usually kills brain cells. This myth is not true as doctors are not certain about the long-term effects of marijuana on the brains, but according to studies the use of marijuana has not shown to affect the brain in any way.

Another common means is that marijuana cause cancer. Any kind of smoking is not good for you and search can lead to cancer of the lungs. Even with this knowledge it is important to note that no cancer has been linked to being caused by marijuana smoking.

When you are using marijuana many people have a misconception that it can lead to the usage of other dangerous drugs. Scientists have not found any link that shows the use of marijuana is related to the use of other drugs. A majority of people that use marijuana do not use other drugs.

A majority of people consider medical marijuana a scam. For a majority of people there is no link between medicinal and medical benefits of using marijuana as it is considered that it is just a way of trying to make an illegal substance legal. It is important to note that there are medical benefits that are associated with the use of marijuana. When you look at scientific research you will show that physical and mental health conditions can be treated by the use of marijuana.

For a majority of people the use of marijuana is considered to be quite addictive in this is another misconception. It is true that you can be addicted to smoking and using marijuana, but when you compare it to drugs such as alcohol you cannot classify as a highly addictive substance.

Some people have the misconception that using marijuana is harmless for them. You can also get addicted when you heavily rely on its usage you can also put yourself at a high risk if you ever find yourself operating machinery or driving while using marijuana.

There is a common misconception that people who use marijuana are lazy people. There are many successful people who use marijuana, therefore, this means that not all cannabis users are lazy.

Many people believe that using marijuana can kill you. It is important to note that so long as you use marijuana in a safe environment then it is safe for you. A common misconception about the use of marijuana is that it leads to higher crime rate. There is no data that shows the correlation between crime and marijuana usage.