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By | July 17, 2019

How The Body Responds To Stress

Stress is part of life as long as we are in this universe. Stress is adverse body reaction to the changes in life. The advantage of stress is that it makes us address various things in our lives. Unfortunately, if stress is not addressed it can make people to feel sad and not enjoy life. Stress can also cause some of the chronic lifestyle diseases that people are battling with. Therefore there is need to be aware of the warning signs of stress and things to do to remedy it.

The human body takes stress in various ways. Too much anxiety makes the heart to beat faster than usual. When the body is tensed the body reacts by increasing the heart rate. Experiencing too much tension makes the one to become hypertensive. Muscle pain is also another way that the body responds to stress. Anxiety makes the body to react to by aching because of the tension. Going through a stressful situation for a long time makes some parts of the body to be painful. The third way through which the body responds to stress is by being emotional and getting mad over small issues. When people are feeling anxious and tense they are more emotional, and they react over nothing. During these times we lose a lot on friends because they are unable to bear with our mood. The other sigh that shows that someone is stressed they suffer from insomnia. It is not advisable to go to bed while contemplating on stressful issue this makes people to lack sleep.

The fifth warning sign of stress is that the victims have a low sexual drive. Men that have experienced stressful situation are reported to have low libido. If the stress is not addressed it can make these people sterile. The sixth reason that shows that one is anxious is having issues with their stomach. There is a chemical that reacts to tension in the stomach, the acid burns the walls of the stomach causing peptic ulcers. The worst stage of stress is depression. If one worries for a long time, depression sets in which makes one feel hopeless and energy less. Some people choose to misuse drugs to try and evade the stress. Being anxious weakens the body making it at risk of various health problems.

Since stress is part of life, people should learn how to be resilient and not let stress ruin our lives. There are various things that can help people to reduce their anxiety. Getting a message is a healthy way of relieving the tension from our body, therefore one should consider getting a massage membership in the nearest spa. Another stress reliever technique is by taking a break from the familiar and taking a vacation. Engaging in activities is also a great way of relieving stress.

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