Do You Need a Life Coach?

By | February 2, 2017

Are you unhappy with the way your job or life is going? Feel stagnant and unmotivated all the time? Do you think you could use some help finding direction or with building confidence? If so you might benefit from a career and life coach.

Before you go in search of one though, first make an appointment with your doctor. There are several illnesses that can cause you to feel unmotivated, have trouble concentrating, and generally unhappy. Happily, almost all of them can be easily treated. If you’ve been feeling empty, unmotivated, unfocused and deeply unhappy for a month or more, you should get screened for depression. Depression is a common and for most a treatable mood disorder. Millions of Americans deal with depression, so don’t be afraid to reach out for help.

If you’ve gotten a clean bill of health from your doctor, it’s time to consider a life coach. Life and career coaches are trained to help people find balance and focus in their lives. They can help you break bad habits, reach goals and build confidence. If you aren’t sure what type of career you want to pursue, a career coach can help you pinpoint your strengths and what careers you are best suited to. To find one, start by asking friends and family for any recommendations, then go online and start researching. Ask for a potential coach’s qualifications and references from other clients. You can find coaches that will work with you in person or online. Look for one certified by the International Coach Federation or an coaching certification program at an accredited college or university. Choose a coach with a background in organizational behavior, psychology or a related field. Remember that things like family problems, anxiety and depression are more appropriate for a therapist to address.

When you meet with your chosen coach, you should be able to explain exactly what you’d like to accomplish. Write down what goals you want to reach be sure to to be specific, and once you start working on it, be patient. Most clients find that it could take several months before you see real progress, so stick with it. If you find that you and your coach are not working well together, and addressing it with them doesn’t improve things, look for another coach. Don’t settle for a coach you’re not completely comfortable with.