Benefits Offered by Full Color Postcard Printing

By | October 25, 2019

There are some businesses who don’t believe that postcard mailers have any value in the realm of modern marketing. However, the fact is, they still offer a wide array of benefits, especially when a business opts for Full Color Postcard Printing. Keep reading to learn about the benefits offered by postcard mailers here.

High Readership

Virtually everyone reads postcards. Customers receive the business message as soon as the card makes it in their hands. The double-card mailings of a subscription offer have effectively and repeatedly beaten the much more expensive packages including long-copy letters.


Modern postcards cost very little to produce and to mail. A single card doesn’t require any folding or inserting costs. They are also cheaper to mail via first class than the bulk, third-class rates. Even if these are mailed to just a few sales prospects, the first-class postcards will cost less in postage than any first-class letter.


A double postcard can help a business generate a very high rate of response. The address panel on a postcard carries the customer’s information, so at a very low cost the addressing information can be repeated on additional cards. This becomes a very convenient preprinted ordering device that the prospect can just drop in the mail.

Easy to Print in Large Amounts

Even if a person decides to print four different color postcards, they can save money by opting to print them using gang runs on larger stock and then trimming the individual postcards to the proper size. This way, the production cost can be reduced for the four different sets of large orders.

Easy to Schedule Mailings

All a business has to do is to let their printer know when specific cards need to be mailed to the prospect list. There are some astute advertisers that mail postcards at three- or eight-week intervals.

The fact is, the use of postcards is still an extremely effective marketing tactic. Any business that has not considered doing this in the past should do it now. It can help generate more business and more sales than other methods of advertising commonly used today.