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By | July 17, 2019

Essential Things That Anyone Planning to Purchase Marijuana in California Needs to Know
There is no way one can complete the history of cannabis and its legalization without mentioning an American state known as California considering that it was the very first to legalize the same way back in 1996 for medical purposes before proceeding to legalize it for recreational use years later. Legalization of weed for recreational use in California only came in 2016 after the citizens voted for the Proposition 64 which allowed the state to take the bold step. Reading through this article is the best way of enlightening oneself with everything that one needs to know, understand and do before proceeding to make a cannabis purchase to ensure that they do not end up breaking the law in the long run.

First on the list is the age as it plays a crucial role when buying marijuana in California today considering that one must be 21 and above to make a successful purchase of the product. The state, in fact, has formulated some strict policies to help it to crack down and arrest anyone that buys and gives marijuana to minors bearing in mind that it is illegal for anyone above the legal age to make such action if on private property.

The state also restricts the amount of cannabis that individuals have in their possession at a moment. It is wrong to think that making the use of cannabis legal in California means full freedom as the state still has policies in place to eliminate stocking up of the product among its citizens. The legal quantity that someone can carry around with them at a time in California is 28.5g above which they will be breaking the law. There are also some people that prefer concentrated cannabis and they have a limit of 8g according to the law.

The use of marijuana in California’s [public places is illegal and one should only use it when they are on private property. One can also not use marijuana in bars and restaurants in addition to federal lands such as national parks and places which include Ocean Beach and Alcatraz Island as it is banned to do so. Other tips include not driving after using marijuana, not leaving the state with possession of the same and also making purchases from reputable dealers and also using it in private properties that allow the same as well.